The Concept

Mouv’ton Choeur concept

The Concept

Mouv’ton Choeur concept

This festival proposes an innovative concept, combining the voice and the movement in the exclusive register of the current contemporary song choral version but also the vocal jazz and the gospel.

By its “popular” mood choral singing is a carrier of values ​​and friendliness. Indeed, before “knowing” singing, you have to “love” to sing and share.

Two possibilities to participate:

  1. You are a group from the Rhône-Alpes region, we invite you to participate only in a show in the evening.
  2. You want to participate on 2 or 3 days: contact us and we will propose an all inclusive package.

A programming “in” and “off”:

  • “Off” concerts during the day in the two towns or their close surroundings.

This will be an opportunity to discover the region and its attractivities in a friendly and simple.

  • Then, evening concerts “in” in one of the concert halls of Aix - les - Bains or Chambéry.

A large gathering of all participants during their stay with a short performance from each group, and the interpretation of one or two common songs.

The Mouv’ton Choeur festival will be repeated each year in the spring.

Of course, time during the stay will be dedicated to tourism and discovery of the two towns and surrounding areas.