This festival offers an innovative concept, combining singing and moving in the exclusive registry of contemporary songs adapted to choirs.

Choral singing has a somewhat “popular” and so, bears strong values of conviviality . Of course, before “you know” singing, you must “love” singing and share with others..

Programming “in” and “off” :

  • concerts “off” during the day in “unusual places” of the two municipalities or their vicinity.

This will be an opportunity to discover the region and its attractiveness in a friendly and homely atmosphere.

A large gathering of all participants will take place at the end of the stay with a short performance of each group and a couple of songs all together.

Over time, Mouv’ton Choeur festival will be repeated at different periods of the year to enjoy the seasons diversity and the rich tourism offerings of Savoy.

Last but no least, an important part of the stay will be dedicated to tourism and discovery of the two towns and surrounding areas.